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Retinas burning, Send gauze and some eye patches.

Oh my... I've seen some horridly funny things in my life, but you win. Suicide pill, don't fail me now. We're all dead.

:D Now that was FUN -E !!!

Now THAT was funny! I laughed so hard I crapped myself.

It's so appropriate too, cause that game series blows. How about something with Sonya?

Well ...

I've had more entertaining migraines.

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Very nice. Cute simple story. Somewhat challenging. Graphics/sfx were nicely done and nice ambiance.
Agreed that the music is good, but gets old. Sub does move a bit slowly.
4.5/5 great all around and your efforts are noticed and appreciated.

9 outta 10

Love the graphics and gameplay. Maps are fun and game is easy to learn and challenging after a while. Some good attention to detail for those who like "Risk" type games.

Music is appropriate, but gets old quickly. Would love to see the ability to combine units and add a player name.

Fantastic overall. Cheers!

Fantastic fun!

Fun graphics, sounds and idea. Not too bothersome to play and enjoy. Solid 10/10 5/5

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Very interesting!

... and just for the record, I'd also like to see them in the closed position in another photo. You know, for the total package. Also, perhaps give a little insight as to materials used?

Very creative and fun. 10/10 5/5

davestudio responds:

I know...I did put more picture on Ebay (search for usb zombie and you'll find all my monsters lol)...I used Different size of Sharpie pens + polyurethane varnish and patience...that's it!

Thanks for voting / comment / watch :D


Great works! Absolutely LOVE the details with the hair. Colors, figures and expressions with each are great too. I think the shading could be a bit more intense to make you characters really fell a little more lively - they seem a little flat. Backgrounds seem a bit empty, but that's no big deal. Personally, not a fan of the sparkles in some of them. Seem like way too many to me - or they just kind of get lost because there are so many and look very similar. Still very good! Want to see more too! 10/10

Thanks for sharing and for responding to praises and constructive feedback. :)

BlackUniGryphon responds:

Wow! Thanx for the feedback, bud!



I especially love the creative use of white space. Thanks for sharing.

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